World Art Day

“An artist doesn’t copy reality, but tries to get people to see it,” wrote the famous painter Paul Klee in his book La Théorie de l’art moderne. It is because we were  inspired by this quote that we propose to you today a cultural journey to celebrate arts and the artists who make it real.  […]

Long live the French language!

Try and guess: how many words do you think there are in the French language? 10,000? 20,000? Nice try, but far from reality. Common French actually includes more than 50,000 words according to the different dictionaries that compile the French vocabulary. Quite impressive, isn’t it? This outstanding breadth is celebrated on the 20th of March […]

In Ireland, we celebrate spring… with pints!

My, my, Saint Patrick’s Day ! In every belief system, this Irish celebration held every 17th of March is often associated with happy drinking and fierce interactions between friends. Since going to the nearest tavern arm in arm between fellows to celebrate accordingly is not possible at the moment, let us put the ambrosia away […]

Promote women in leadership roles

“We know nothing of the admirable work achieved by women, even the feminists themselves ignore half of what their ancestors, their mothers… or their contemporaries, have done to enrich the human spirit.” said Marguerite Durand in Le Quotidien, on the 23th of March of 1932.  In order to make sure that what Marguerite Durand denounced […]

JEE Winter Conference behind the scenes

JEE Winter

The adventures of a Junior Entrepreneur By Elisa Berger, Project Manager at Junior ISIT & Staff Team Member for the Junior Enterprises Winter Conference 2020 JEE Winter Conference behind the scenes Elisa Berger Project Manager at Junior ISIT A few weeks ago, I left Paris to go to Brussels – nothing to worry about for […]