Created in 2010, Junior ISIT is the first French Junior Enterprise specialised in cross-cultural and linguistic expertise. We are one among the top French Junior Enterprises of France since 2016.

Since 1957

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Junior ISIT is the Junior Enterprise of ISIT, a French “Grande Ecole” specialised in translation and cross-cultural communication and management. The school has been training multilingual experts since 1957 thanks to its French and international professional network. ISIT students are considered as real talents for the world.
Our team

Since 1969

The movement

Junior ISIT is a member of the French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE), an organisation which manages the whole movement. Junior Enterprises are associations governed by the 1901 Act, which grants them the status of non-profit associations with economical and educational purposes. Junior ISIT is subjected to a specific legal framework and is also annually audited and advised on its management processes. This assessment allows the confederation to nominate the 30 best Junior Enterprises each year. 
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A Junior-Enterprise is a student association/union with a commercial but non-profit purpose that operates as a company, managed by active volunteer Members./ A Junior Enterprise is a civil social nonprofit organization established and executed entirely by students of a university or a business school.

An Active Member is a student who is in charge of the management of the internal structure of the Junior Enterprise. Each Active Member is part of one of the ten departments that ensure the proper functioning and organization of the Junior Enterprise.

A Consultant Member is a student who carries out a remunerated mission entrusted by a client “willing/who wants/interested in using” to use the services offered by the Junior Enterprise.

Becoming/Being a Junior-Entrepreneur allows you to acquire skills and solid professional experience within the framework of your education/schooling. It is a personal and professional added value from which each student can benefit within the associative life of his/her school.

By choosing a Junior Enterprise, the Client benefits from a professional service, led by dynamic students specialized in their field of expertise, helps to train the young professionals of tomorrow, and at a reasonable/reduced cost. For further/more information: https://www.juniorisit.com/5-raisons-de-faire-appel-a-une-junior-entreprise/

It is a Junior-Enterprise which does not belong to an engineering school, a business school or a university. Specialised in intercultural, communication and management, Junior ISIT offers specific services related to the skills that its consultant members acquire during their training at ISIT.