Junior ISIT is the Junior-Enterprise of ISIT, Grande Ecole of Translation since 1957. Thanks to its linguistic and intercultural expertise, Junior ISIT will accompany you in your international development. Go beyond the language and cultural barriers to conquer new horizons!

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Communication and Marketing

  • Communication Strategy
  • Notoriety study, reputation study

The communication around a brand or a product is a major part of its success, it is therefore essential to think about its communication strategy upstream and as a whole. À partir de vos objectifs et de leur compréhension de votre structure, nos Membres consultants vous forgent un plan de communication personnalisé et efficace auprès de vos cibles.

Their cross-cultural expertise allows them to analyze your needs and develop the necessary tactical means to guarantee the efficiency of your communication campaigns.

Context examples: product launch, fusion d’entreprise, signing of new partnerships, virage stratégique, rebranding, internationalization of your communication.

Human Resources

Human resources management is also one of the keys to a company’s success. Our Human Resources Consultant Members are well aware of this and will be able to help you develop your HR communication strategies, your employer brand action plans or your CSR commitment.

Junior ISIT’s HR Consultant Members are cross-cultural experts. Therefore, they are especially attentive to your corporate culture, which allows them to offer you customized solutions, perfectly adapted to your structure and your employees. They can also analyze your different foreign subsidiaries to help you in your international expansion/development. 


Whether you want to internationalize your structure or whether you have an international project planned, it is essential to inform yourself about the environment in which you will operate. Each localité has its own cultural specificities which are expressed in the work world as well as in the daily life of the population.

We offer to give you the tools to succeed in one or more foreign contexts, by studying your future prospects or collaborators from a cross-cultural point of view. How to approach them, how to make yourself known to them, how to interact with them… Our Consultant Members will help you understand cross-cultural/intercultural situations with confidence.

Examples: Country files/sheet, international monitoring